Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Good morning and welcome one and all to my blog. This is the first time I have ever done this so forgive me if I am a little unsure what to say. First things first I should fill you in a bit about me and what my journey is about. I am 31 and have been suffering with anorexia / bulimarexia for the last 12 years. 5 weeks ago I was admitted to a specialist unit about 45 minutes from home having spent 10 years out from my last admission. Much has changed in my life since that last admission I fell in love with a wonderful man who three years ago I married. I now hold down a full time job as a manager for an estate agents and am a home owner. However for the entire time I have been vomiting much of the food I have eaten except for a small lunch of soup or a sandwich. For many years I managed to maintain my weight although at a relatively low weight and continued to enjoy life, however the last few years for reasons still not 100% clear, although financial stress and the devastating death of my nan I imagine contributed, my weight gradually began to fall without any real attempt to get it to. Quite quickly the last few months I got increasingly more and more unwell, although I should point out that apart from severely swollen legs I felt completely fine and continued to go to work. I had been asking my doctor for help for several months but had been unable to access any, in the end my husband, Ben, got so concerned and scared that I may drop dead he drove to the specialist unit and refused to leave until he had seen the consultant.

While out celebrating our third anniversary he convinced me to go to see the consultant the next day, I arranged it with work and went the following afternoon I knew at this point there was no turning back and that once they weighed me, something I had not allowed the doctors to do, they would take me in! I was correct and the consultant said he wanted me in the next day, after much crying and begging I agreed that I would go in on the Monday having had chance to speak to work and go out for our anniversary meal ( the irony is not lost on me!) so Ben and I spent the weekend sorting out work, who I have to say were wonderfully supportive, we enjoyed our meal out or in my head the last supper and went crazy golfing on the Sunday.
All too quickly Monday came around and armed with my suitcase, tv, newly purchased iPad (thanks to Ben) and a tun of other stuff we set off to the hospital where we met my mom and dad. They did an assessment and I was put on bed rest which takes me up till now really as five weeks on thats still where I am!

There are many issues that have cropped up in the past five weeks which I intend to share in a hope to help other people who may be in the same situation and to here from others who may be able to share their experiences and give support. However as I have already waffled on for some time I will leave this for another day.

Many thanks for reading and I hope you will return for more. XX

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  1. Stick with it WILL succeed

    "This is the moment
    This is the day
    This is the moment
    When I know
    I am on my way
    Every endeavor
    I have made ever
    Is coming into play
    Is here and now today
    This is the moment
    This the time
    When the momentum
    And the moment
    are in rhyme
    Give me this moment
    My precious chance
    I'll gather up my best
    And make some sense at last
    This is the moment
    When all I've done
    All of the dreaming,
    And screaming
    becomes one
    This is the day,
    Just see it shine
    When all that I have lived for
    Becomes mine

    This is the moment
    This is the hour
    When I can open up,
    like a flower
    And put my hand to
    Everything I plan to
    Fulfill my grand desire
    See all my stars align"

    Sentiments by me (Lyrics by Moody Blues)

    Always in my Dad xx